Graduate Program – Educational Goals

The Educational Mission of Department of International Business

“To nurture excellent trade and management talents equipping with international perspective, insight understanding of international economic and trade trends, familiar with international operation and management.”

1. Educational Goals of the Department of International Business

To nurture management professionals equipped
with international perspective (Globalization)
To nurture international economic and trade talents who could understand global trends (Eco-Trade)
◎ To strengthen internationalization of teaching
     and research
◎ To strengthen training of foreign language abilities
◎ To incorporate international management and
     operation into curriculum and research
◎ To strengthen collaboration and exchange with
     foreign universities and research institutions
◎The design of course curriculum and research topic
     matches international economic and trade development
◎ To strengthen collaboration and exchange with
     foreign universities and research institutions
◎ To strengthen the training of business and trade
     negotiation skills
◎ To strengthen the training of trade and information
     integration abilities
To nurture abilities of professional ethics and social care (Ethics)To nurture abilities of equipping environmental concept and theoretical application (Implementation)
◎ To incorporate business ethics into course and
     research so profession and ethics could be integrated
◎ To spread out the knowledge and concept of social
     care so there is harmonious and sustainable
     development among human beings and nature
◎ To emphasize the course design of environmental issues and the exploration of related research
◎ To emphasize the professional training and integration of green trade, international law and energy analysis
◎ To emphasize the practical application of course training and research findings
◎ To strengthen the exchange and cooperation among business, industry, and academics

2. The Educational Goals of the University

“Using academic as base, through holistic education, to nurture talents with character, profession,
creativity, and global view.”

3. Educational Goals for the Graduate Program in the College of Business

Educational Goals for
Graduate Program
Understanding of
Global Economic System
The ability to analyze global economic and business related issues.
Professional Knowledge
and Research Oriented
To nurture emphatically the professional knowledge and research techniques
in business areas in order to meet future job needs.
Innovative Thinking and
Problem Solving Capability
Equipping with Innovative thinking capability, effectively utilizing techniques to
analyze problems in order to solve problems.
The Knowledge and Application
of Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Systematically understanding the scope of business ethics and social responsibility
and to incorporate the application into business decisions.
Effective Communication
and Team Leadership
To express business issues systematically and to utilize communication skills and leadership capability soundly so to strengthen team cooperation to achieve tasks.

4. The Linkage of Educational Goals between College of Business and International Business Department

Business College→
Business Department ↓
Understanding of Global Economic SystemProfessional Knowledge and Research OrientedInnovative Thinking and Problem Solving CapabilityThe Knowledge and Application of Business Ethics and Social ResponsibilityEffective Communication and Team Leadership
Management Professionals equipped with International Perspective 
International economic and trade talents who could understand global trends  
Abilities of professional ethics and social care   
Environmental concept and Theoretical application  
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